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Our team of switched on journalists, editors and content creators help brands and media companies tell great stories.

Content Creation We create articles and blog posts for brands as well as media companies. Whether you are putting together a content marketing strategy for your startup blog or need a journalist to write a profile for your publication, we can take care of it for you.
Simple Pricing We like to make sure things are easy for our customers. That’s why we have two tiers of pricing: one for brands and another for media companies requiring larger volumes of content.
End to End Service You will rest easy knowing that you have a dedicated account manager who will communicate with you on everything from your monthly content needs to revisions that may need to be made.

Some of our Clients


Content Marketing for Brands // Content Creation for Media Companies

We like to keep things pretty simple.

Brands partner with us so that we can create engaging and lead / sales-converting content for them. This includes everything from daily blog posts to well researched content marketing plays. We also act as an outsourced team of journalists and content creators for media companies.

We are unique because we also publish our own online publications in the Business Media space, with our journalists speaking to hundreds of thousands of people a month for their work.

As a general rule, we create articles and blog posts of around 600 words in length.

Because we are operating at the top end of the scale, we start off with a minimum package.

12 articles a month for USD$800. We then customise and scale your options from there.

Usually we do the first month as a trial month and then move to a 6 or 12 month contract arrangement. This means that ideally the clients we represent have a need for consistent monthly content. Examples of the types of businesses that this service would work well with include Public Relations Agencies, Small Media Companies and Startups and Technology ventures.

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