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Shoe String Media Group is a different kind of media company. Shoe String Media Group was founded by Mathew Beeche in February 2011.

The company can be divided into three main focus areas: Publications, Ad Management and Internet TV.

We take a no bullshit approach to the way we work, too much of the media is fluff, smoke and mirrors. We don’t roll that way. Our number one priority is always to ask ourselves, how can we provide a maximum return for all of our clients across our three areas of the business. We expect nothing less of ourselves than we would expect from you if we were approaching your business, and that is a visible return on investment.

We focus on telling stories for customers and insuring they convert and become part of your tale.

Our vision is to prove that independent media can play in the same field as the big boys, can reach large audiences, maintain healthy margins and be profitable and even though we operate leaner than competitors, that we can still produce interesting, thought provoking, debate worthy content on a daily basis.

We have big goals. If you’re in the same boat, then we would probably work very well together.


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