Our Team of journalists, coders and content creators can help amplify your brand and get our audience using your products and services.

Our Business.

Founder Mat Beeche launched content creation company Shoe String Media in 2012. 

At the time the Australian startup ecosystem was in its infancy and ‘disruptive’ was something written on the report cards of naughty school children, not an industry buzzword that implied you had billionaire potential. Telling the stories of the future leaders of the countries economic landscape became an obsession that birthed what is now one of the countries most respected startup and technology publications.

Startup Daily is our core product. The publication covers the startup and tech sectors across Australia and New Zealand. Producing daily content that casts a sometimes critical eye across the growing startup landscape and the players within it. We choose old school journalism and in-depth storytelling over half-baked broken news because we believe our readers deserve a full meal to go along with the entree.

Silicon Paddock is our initiative shining a light on the under-recognised business mavens located in regional Australia. The platform introduces the world to these rural innovators via good old fashioned storytelling. There are currently 1.3 million small businesses located outside metro areas in Australia and the other key purpose of the platform is to help connect and educate these people with snack-sized task focused education and events held throughout country communities on an annual basis.

The advertising industry is changing, which is why we don’t sell advertising. Instead we work with brands that want to target Australian businesses to create great content marketing campaigns that are aimed at doing primarily two things (1) Create Brand Awareness / Position Brands as Thought-Leaders and (2) Drive Sales and Leads.

Think of us as an extension of your existing marketing and business development team.


Monthly content reaching: 150,000 readers (110K Startup Daily – 40K Silicon Paddock)
Australian readership breakdown: NSW (42%) VIC (21%) QLD (21%) SA (11%) WA (4%) TAS (1%)
Click through rates: Leaderboards 0.12% Towers 0.10% MREC 0.07%
New Zealand readership breakdown: Auckland (20%) Wellington (70%) Christchurch (10%)
Average time browsing content: 3 minutes
Daily emails sent to subscribers: 7,000
Readers based in regional communities: 31%
Average reader returning: 2 times weekly
Our reach across social media: 50,000 +


Identity – Startups founders, corporates, small businesses, investors or from the public sector.
Business Experience – Average reader has been in business for 3 years.
Recruitment – 72% need staff with experience in software engineering, coding and design.
Finances – 90% of readers struggle with capital, cashflow, invoicing and budgeting.
Events – 60% of our readers attend events, conferences and networking functions.
Devices – 50% of our audience use their smartphone to first access our content.
Content Consumption – 67% want an increase in audio and video content across our platforms.

$12, 500 + GST / month

  • 20% SOV Display advertising
  • End to End Production 
  • Branding Integrated into Content 
  • Brand Specific Revisions of Content
  • Multiplatform Distribution
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Lead Generation
  • Transcripts
  • Amplification across Startup Daily

3 month contract

Video / Podcasts.


$90, 000 + GST  once.

$11, 500 + GST / month

  • 20% SOV Display advertising 
  • Branded Content Hub 
  • Bespoke Content Plan 
  • Multimedia Approach
  • Live Activations / Events
  • Research Activities
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Lead Generation
  • Amplification across Startup Daily

12 month contract

Premium Partner.

$7, 500 + GST / month

3 month contract

Brand Campaign.

Transparent Pricing.
  • 20% SOV Display advertising 
  • Branded Content Hub 
  • 6 Pieces of Content 
  • Monthly Reporting 
  • 1 round of revisions.
  • Amplification across Startup Daily

Our Silicon Paddock initiative consists of live events and other type of content aimed at promoting regional Australia and helping to combat the skills gaps in rural communities.


Format : Skills Focused Tuts and Content

Delivery : Instant Release

Tutor : Variety

Price : $49.95 Quarterly Subscription / Brand Collabs

This is where we collaborate with well known brands and individuals to produce a niche masterclass relevant to Startup Daily readers.

Format : 12 tutorials (Bespoke)

Delivery : Instant Release

Tutor : Variety

Price : $30,000 + GST includes amplification.